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About My Business

  Jones Cabinets Shop is owned and operated by William C. Jones, Jr. in Iberia parish. I'm a second generation craftsman, also state certified. I have been in business twenty-seven years Restoring antiques, and building the finest antique reproductions and contemporary pieces as well.

  We custom build and restore Armoires, Four-Poster Beds, Dining Room Sets, Tables, Chairs, Commodes and Entertainment Centers as well. We have learned how to construct all these types of furniture from restoring antiques for many years. We build one piece at a time for the finest quality and all pieces are built with the finest materials and workmanship.We strive to reproduce our reproductions as the orginal craftsman constructed back in earlier days all using very traditional Mortice and Tennon joinery just as it was done in earlier days.

  We cover areas from Houston to New Orleans with hand delivery and care, have been known to deliver as far as St. Louis, MO. Shipping items has taken us as far as Connecticut and Seattle. Our shipping company hand wraps, loads and hand delivers anywhere in the United States for a reasonable cost.

  Cost -When you compare our furniture lasting for generations, to factory made furniture, that is made with photo finishes and odd woods that aren't even worth refinishing and don't even last twenty years. The prices of our furniture are very reasonable and better bought one piece at a time. We do a 50% down and a 50% on delivery payment schedule. No piece of furniture is to small or to big, every customer order gets the same attention and courtesy. Please, feel free to contact us about any questions you may have. 

William C. Jones, Jr.





  • " I thought we had all the furniture we could possibly use. We traveled everywhere buying stuff handmade and upon seeing the SINKER CYPRESS this man drags from the Atchafalaya..."
    John Hernamous
    Furniture Collector
  • " These People do wonders with wood not thought possible, I am more than proud to say I have a sighed piece of Mr Jones in my house and one in my office i drew on a freaking nap..."
    ????ий маг